about david

 David Carnes, from his earliest years, was blessed with a loving family that was musically talented and passionate about their Christian faith.  David learned to play piano on his own at a very young age and played his first two-handed piece for his mother, the church pianist, at age three. 

While growing up, David studied piano intermittently and eventually earned an undergraduate degree in piano education and studied composition.

One of David's greatest joys is to touch and encourage the hearts of his listeners.  He has been referred to as "a poet at the piano" and seeks to "paint" the words and the meaning of the songs he plays.

His performances, with his wife, Tricia, and mission work have taken him across the U.S., to the United Kingdom, the Middle East and former Soviet union.  

David is well known for his beautiful arrangements.  "Journey....a Praise Offering," was his seventh solo recording and sixth in the "Journey" series if you include "A Journey Together," made with Tricia.  "Journey" is a special word for David, as it is important to him that his music "goes somewhere," or better yet, takes the listener somewhere deeper in their Christian faith.  

David's work also includes piano performance and arrangements on the Grammy-nominated album "The Refreshing," and his album "Journey... A Praise Offering" was nominated for album of the year on Whisperings Radio.  

David served as a church pianist, music associate, and worship pastor in Atlanta for over 30 years. 


David and Tricia raised two sons, Christopher and Patrick, and they currently reside in Cartersville, Georgia.